How is swiping left different from swiping right?

Swiping right means that you are simply unlocking your phone.
Swiping left means that you choose to engage with the ad which can consist of finding out more information about the ad, downloading coupons, installing an app, watching a video, or liking a post on Facebook etc.

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    Becky Fronheiser

    I have a  few questions to understand the best way to optimize my carat earnings and receive the most relevant ads for my lifestyle.

    • Do I acquire a set amount of carats for each swipe to the right by bypassing the ad, information on downloads, videos, etc; per swipe, day, week or month? 
    • How do you determine the carats offered for swiping right to bypass ads, links, Facebook like ads...?
    • Does swiping left to a interesting or relevant ad, link or offer, ALWAYS add a higher carat earning than by swiping right to bypass the offer?
    • How do you determine the carats offered for swiping left? Per ad, per swipe, per hour, per day,or monthly?
    • Are the carats offered for swiping left or right consistent each and everytime I open my slidejoy lockscreen application? 
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    Porque quando deslizo p esquerda não são acrecidos meus quilates

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