Trialpay - I completed my offer, but did not receive carats for it

For Trialpay offers, please make sure you read the requirements carefully: some offers require you to complete multiple steps before your offer is completed. For example, you might need to reach a certain level in a game after you download it. 

Once you complete an offer, you will receive a notification from Slidejoy. You can also see a list of past offers you completed in the inbox (shown below) within the Slidejoy app. 

Once you click on the inbox menu, you will see the following: please note that carats from your offer completion will be added to your Slidejoy balance on the following day. 

If you think you completed your offer, but do not see it in your inbox, please click on the Trialpay menu within our offers tab, and then click on the question mark on the top right corner (shown below):

 Here, you can see the status of all your past offers as reported by Trialpay.

After you see this page, you have three options:

  • If your offer status is "Completed", but you do not see it completed in your inbox, please contact us ( 
  • If your offer status is "Viewed", and you think you completed your offer (and you have evidence), please click on the "Contact Support" button to file a claim on Trialpay. Please note that Slidejoy does not and cannot verify the status of your offer: Only Trialpay is able to do that, so please do not ask us to verify the completion status by sending us evidences of your offer completion. You need to do that through Trialpay. 



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    Thomas Evans
    I had problems with TrialPay. Some offers I can't complete. I did the same video offer over and over again thinking that was ok, but got kicked off for abuse. I thought if you completed an offer it goes away. I sent several emails out to them and did reactivated my account. I'm very unhappy with this company.
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    Jason Theobald88

    I don't get paid by TrialPay for one of their 'premium' offers. Contacter them and 2 days later I'm getting the carats. Only issue now is I can't get onto their page as the button does nothing. But overall if you complete an offer and don't get the carats just contact them. They will sort it out. Now today when it updates I'll be sitting on nearly 6000 carats

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    Salut tt l monde

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    Shiloh Humes

    Im waiting to hear back from them, they owe me alot

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    Avery Morris

    Some of the offers don't work, but big deal. You're making money for doing virtually nothing.

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